Thank you, Boston Alumni!

Tonight was a great RISD Afta Work event at the Channel Cafe in Boston, MA.

There was a very diverse group of alumni that came out to mix and mingle. I met Bruce Stewart GD 82, who works for the world’s largest model train company, Linda DeHart AP 61 who will be celebrating her 50th Reunion year this October and also co-founded Colors in Motion, as well as Linda Leslie Brown MAE 87, who has a solo show coming up in May.

It was a fun night filled with laughter and chatter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our night also included a RISD tote-bag giveaway won by fellow alum, Pranav Dardarwala BGD 02. Coming up in future blogs, more info about Colors in Motion and fellow alumna, Sarah Argue IL 05, with her work in the community, mixing art projects with youth!

Thank you again to all the alumni and their feedback!

Now onto Denver!


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