Thank you, Colorado Alums!

On Thursday, March 10th, I had the great pleasure to hang out and meet up with Colorado alumni in the Denver area. It was filled with lots of conversation and great feedback about what’s going on in the art and design scene but also sharing about RISD campus happenings and how to continue to stay involved and connected beyond graduation.

Two great alums that I struck up conversation with included Leslie Pettit Canon, ’01 MAT and Karen Whittier, ’82 AP.

Leslie currently is raising her three kids, all under the age of 5, and works alongside her husband, Harmon, who owns Minnie Beasleys, a gourmet cookie company, that specializes in handmade gluten free Almond Lace cookies. They are currently being sold in Whole Foods Market in Denver, Kansas City, Salt Lake,
and New Mexico locations. I had the delicious pleasure of picking up a package before departing Denver, and they are wonderful- check out the picture below and support your local alum,! They were sweet, buttery and a crunchy nibble when I hiked Red Rocks Park in Morrison, CO.

Minnie Beasleys Almond Lace Cookies - Yummy!

Karen currently works for SmartWool, a sector of its parent company Timberland, that specializes in Merino wool products ranging in comfortable socks, outerwear, active apparel and accessories. Check out their site that explains their material benefits and environmental sustainability at: She is part of their product development team and will be traveling to Korea, Vietnam and Hong Kong for future items to be designed. Her office is located in Steamboat Springs.

Karen, wearing SmartWool apparel, with fellow alum, Bret Bertholf, IL '88

Thanks for a wonderful time in Denver. Check out these pics of our fun night!

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