Stay Connected-Update your Info

Do you keep in touch with your freshmen roommate? How about your studio mate, or the RISD professor or staff that impacted your RISD experience? Ever wonder what friends or acquaintances are up to now that you’ve graduated and moved away?

Well, one great way to reconnect is to update your information in the RISD Alumni Directory. Check out the new website and changes going on at RISD via the world wide web and be sure to sign up for a RISD email address, if you’d like one.

Just recently, by word of mouth I had another great experience of being connected. A good friend of mine is getting married in Maho Bay, St. John, USVI. It’s taking place at the National Park, Estate Concordia Eco-Tents. I mentioned this to my good friend, Mark Guarraia ID ’05, and he not only shared his class experience on working on the eco-tent resort but also referred me to Rosanne Ramos MID, who currently lives in Cruz Bay and continues her work with the resort. She also is a principal at Inclusion by Design, a design and consulting firm committed to creating built environments, products, systems, and graphic communication for people across age and ability.

Maho Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Some more RISD connection: Mark graduated in 2005 and lives and works in Rhode Island. He has worked as an industrial designer with Item Development Group, that is now called Ximedica. Both co-founders, Stephen Lane ID ’85 and Aidan Petrie MID ’85 are RISD alums. Stephen is on the Board of Trustees and both give their time generously to promoting RISD. Ximedica provides complete research, product development, regulatory and manufacturing services to leading medical device and healthcare companies.


Check out the site for Maho Bay Resort
Check out the site for Inclusion By Design
Check out the site for Ximedica



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