The Fighter: Micky Ward & Dick Eklund on RISD Campus

It just so happened I had the great pleasure and happen-chance to meet the real fighter of Mark Wahlberg’s 2010, The Fighter. Today, in the late afternoon I met Micky Ward and his brother Dick Eklund.

Coincidentally, I just saw the movie this past Tuesday night or I would have never recognized these guys. I was walking down the hill past RISD Beach when I looked over and thought, “Those guys look oddly familiar.” I crossed the street but kept looking at them because then I started to place them. I couldn’t help but take the chance, so I crossed back over to the other side as they passed the Baptist church.

I stopped in front of them and said, ” I’m sorry, you guys look familiar, may I ask your name?” Micky Ward replies really nicely, “Yeh, I’m Micky and this is Dick.” That’s when I start blurting out how I just saw their movie and wanted to say hi, and blah blah blah, I think I definitely tripped over my words being “star” struck and so happy that I was right and it was really them!

They were very nice and apparently looking to meet up with RISD people at the auditorium for an interview. I helped walk them to the auditorium since I was headed that way and spoke with Dick Eklund along the way. He was very kind, gave me hugs and asked if I liked the movie.

Here are the pics I got with them! Just another day on RISD Campus!

Dick Eklund, Becky, and Micky Ward on RISD Campus
Micky Ward, Dick Eklund along with their two friends, headed to RISD Auditorium

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