Aloha, Hawaii Alumni Chapter

Good news! RISD alums on the island of Oahu (where Honolulu resides), are going to be starting an alumni club!

So if you or anyone you know is headed to the beautiful islands of Hawaii and they’d like to connect with some really awesome alumni, be sure to get in touch with Melissa Rivera, ’01 ID and ’05 MAT. She is currently serving as the main contact but there is a small group that will work as a team helping to get the word out, maintaining the Hawaii Facebook page as well as keep you in the know about possible job opportunities, art and design in the community and other events!

Last night we met up at Bar 35 and got to catch up on what’s going on at RISD and talked about finding more Hawaii alumni to connect with.
It was great to hear about the interesting art/design community here. The Contemporary Art Museum and the Honolulu Academy of the Arts hosts many different events and exhibits that draw out the community.

Mahalo to Hawaii alumni, it was so great to reconnect and meet!
Check out our pics below!

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