Life’s a Beach

As all RISD folks know RISD Beach is the green grass “triangle” with the large sculpture, sandwiched between Waterman and Angell street.

Pretty much campus central on a sunny day. I remember seeing Scrotie skateboarding down the hill, students playing with large tarps and wind, people playing their guitars or bongos, a drawing model exercising, and students laying about, catching up with friends and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Now, remember going to RISD Farm (Tillinghast Farm) for Freshmen Orientation, or maybe for a class. So as we also know RISD Farm is the REAL beach. I had the good fortune to head back to the farm after a fellow alum suggested to go there instead of other RI beaches.

It’s free, plenty of parking (also free) clean, easy to get to, never that crowded and as a RISD student, alum, staff or faculty member it is OURS for the TAKING! Located in Barrington, RI and basically the beach that resides on the farm property , which is Barrington Beach (someone correct me if I am wrong).

Here’s the address: 231 Nayatt Road. Barrington, RI 02806

Below are pics from my beautiful beach day

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My only other thoughts about the beach as compared to other RI beaches I have gone to.

1) Ocean floor seems softer compared to typical Newport/Narragansett beaches

2) Lots of quahog and other shells

3) In the late summer season, jellyfish are more prevalent

4) Seemed pretty shallow, and we headed out pretty far to get waist deep (pretty sure it was also not low tide)

5) The beach and sandy area is not as wide


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