What’s Going On?

Hello RISD Community!

It’s fall semester, which means it’s a busy time for classes and studios. Our campus is also hopping with lots of fun activities, including events held by student clubs, the office of RISD Careers and our Providence community at large.

Here are some fun things happening around campus. Some of these events are still upcoming, so keep an eye out for them!

The Providence Latin American Film Festival (PLAFF) recently hosted their film events at RISD Auditorium along with University Rhode Island, and Bryant University. Every year, RISD has played a crucial role in bringing the film festival to our student and alumni community. Check out their site to see what films were shown.

A Better World By Design 2011 just took place this past weekend (Sept.29th-October 2nd). Each year, A Better World by Design brings a global community of innovators to Providence, Rhode Island to reach across disciplines and unite under a common goal: reshaping our built environment. Presenters share engaging stories, workshops teach creative skills, and discussions re-frame perspectives. Better World is an immersive experience that deepens our understanding of the power of design, technology, and enterprise to engage our communities and sustain our environment.

A Better World by Design is a completely student-organized conference that emphasizes innovation and impact over individual success. Check out some photos below from their Friday Night Mixer, welcoming students, professionals and community members.

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As you may know we also have an array of Student Clubs actively inspiring our campus.
To see the most current activities and events, click here.

In honor of the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, the Asian Cultural Association hosted a welcome gathering that included eating mooncakes and mochi. Keep an eye out for their annual Spring Festival.

The Wilderness Club just went apple picking and the members are super excited to make pies, drink cider and get outdoors.

The Yoga Club has resumed their weekly Sunday meditation.

Balls Basketball has tryouts tonight!

The Programming Board brings in various artist and designers to present to the RISD community. Andrea Gibson will be here Oct.8th, James Jean, Oct.19th, and Laurie Anderson, Oct. 22nd, just to name a few.


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