VICINITY: Opening Tonight!!!!

Hello Local RISD Aumni!!

Tonight is the celebration and opening of our first show, VICINITY! See you at 7pm, 42 Rice Street, Providence, RI 02907, Keeseh Studio.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

A major thank you to our dedicated planning committee for helping organize, hang and collect information. We had such a great response that we are in the midst of planning our next show!

We are also very grateful for our donations in kind.

The beer has been donated by Gansett Beer. Paper for our posters, Mohawk Papers. Design and printing of posters, DWRI Letterpress, Dan Wood and Lois Harada. Our delicious food and beverages from RISD Dining + Catering.

Major kudos to Keeseh Studio, Asher Dunn, for the exhibition space. Thank you to RISD Alumni Relations office, Chris Hartley (alumna ’74), Claire Robinson, and Pat Brown.


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