CRIT NIGHT – Success! Thank you Alumni!

Hello Fellow Alumni and Crit Panel,

I wanted to extend a warm thank you from the RISD RI Alumni group and planning committee to our panel of artists.
Thank you Dennis DeLomba, Keri King, Wayland Tucker, Gail Whitsitt-lynch, Brian Martin, and Mark Goodkin. It was so great to learn more about your work, process and inspiration and well as technique and material choices. We appreciate how diverse the work and ideas are that continue to fill RI with richness in the visual and performing arts.

Without your support and enthusiasm, CRIT NIGHT would not have happened and we are happy to serve and support the needs of the group and artists. It was a lovely night filled with conversation, questions and feedback that I think everyone appreciated. I am so happy to have learned more about our exhibiting artists as well as our alumni wanting to share their work and process.

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This is just the first of many to come, as well as future opportunities to exhibit.
Email, to ensure you are on our mailing list as well as for any new business, networking opportunities and if you’d like to volunteer or be part of our planning committee. I will be sharing event photos via Facebook and another blog entry, with more information shared by each artist. Our panel wanted to share more of their info with the group at large.
Please check back this weekend.

Thank you to Lois Harada for being our wonderful bartender and photographer,  and always a major kudos to Asher Dunn and Studio Dunn for the donation of space and time, as well as set-up.

Gansett Beer generously donated our beverages and we had some light snacks supported by Alumni Relations.
Gansett Beer has a great Father’s Day tie competition open to the public, its deadline (in December) is fast approaching, please check out their website, or here for more info:

They specifically asked me to share it with alumni!

Have a Happy Holiday season!


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