Congrats to Nick Felton, our Alumni Award Recipient

As you all should know, as alumni, we are all part of the Alumni Association, simply by being graduates of the Undergraduate, Graduate or Continuing Education programs. Another great thing that I am part of is the Alumni Council. This is a group of about 40 different alumni of various majors and years of graduation. We come together to form a group that advocates and also educates the greater alumni population. We serve as ambassadors and a voice to the current administration and support the college. The mission of the RISD Alumni Association is to promote alumni interest in, involvement with and connection to RISD and to each other by bringing alumni together, fostering interaction between alumni and students, and encouraging alumni to support the college. Some of us are Alumni club leaders, others have connections to our sports teams, student government and the Alumni Sale.

Do you know what the Alumni Council and Association support and organize? If not, here are just a few:

The 3 Alumni Sales, Fall, Winter, and Spring

Alumni card & benefits

Support Alumni Clubs, help fund Alumni events regionally

Faculty Appreciation effort/event, Crit Snacks, during Finals for students

Provide Freshmen Orientation gift during move-in

As a council member, this year I became the chair of the Special Events + Awards. Our two main responsibilities include sponsoring a Faculty Appreciation effort and coordination the entire Alumni Award given during Commencement. We put a call out for nominations, discuss our top choices and make a final selection. We host the recipient during Commencement and ensure future relationships with this alumni. This year we received a very diverse and strong nomination pool. This year we nominated Nicholas Felton, a 1999 Graphic Design graduate that has seen large success in his passion for data, informational graphics, entrepreneurship, and now is a member of the product team of Facebook. Nick was very happy to be back on campus, he has lived in New York for 12 years, recently moved to California since starting with Facebook, and now heads back to the East coast about once a month. Nick hadn’t been back to campus since graduating! All of us were happy to have him back and he saw some familiar faces in the Graphic Design department.

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Here are some great links to learn more about Nicholas Felton:


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