ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT : The Baffler, Chris Yates

Chris Yates is an awesome maker of handmade art, puzzles, toys, comics and more. His work is sold internationally in all major stores carrying games, puzzles and educational toys. I had the great pleasure of meeting Chris, visiting his studio and having him as our Alumni reviewer at Denver Portfolio Day.

Chris, a 2001 Sculpture UG alum, is super fun, funny and extremely talented. For his senior project he explored maps, created a navigation tracking system and made topographical representations of various areas he visited and navigated. I enjoyed touring his studio since he had so much going on, and everything is hand made and a small business operation. I admire his entrepreneurial spirit, he is overflowing with ideas and creations.

I am a proud owner of one of his Baffler puzzles and I hope I am up for the challenge!

Amazing Baffler Puzzle, Chris Yates

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a video of Chris making me a small pig piece out of MDF.

The finished piece:

Here’s some more info, viz Chris’ website,


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