Colorado Alums–You are AMAZING

Hello from the Rocky Mountains!

I had the great fortune of being given the Colorado area for RISD Admissions recruitment this season. I met up with alumni, some that that I met back in March 2011, and some new faces.

We met up at Blake’s House Tavern, and shared conversation over drinks and nachos. They are truly a welcoming group and I am always psyched when I can see them again.

Awesome alums from the Denver area

Also, I spoke with two alums, Trine Bumiller 82 PT and Kurt Monigle 83 GD, who met at RISD, married, and their daughter Kora is a junior in Furniture Design at RISD. Kurt is a Principal of Monigle Associates. Trine is an abstract oil painter with gallery representation in New York, Chicago, and Denver. Trine and Kurt have an amazing RISD love story and I hope they share it via RISDxyz, it began in the Nature Lab and I will have to let Trine tell the rest. The both of them are excellent example of successful alumni in all matter of states and I was very happy to have the good fortune of meeting them and sharing a meal.

Here are some pictures of Trine’s beautiful work, via her website.

Floodplain 2011 o/panel 36 x 84″
Middlemarch 2010 o/c 40 x 86″

Please check out both of them:


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