Helping Hands : RISD Alumni Impacting the Community

Every year, every day, every minute RISD Alumni are impacting their local community and RISD’s community with good deeds, community outreach, education by taking action with purpose. I wanted this blog to highlight an upcoming specific event and just some ways alumni make a difference and to recognize their time and generosity.

RISD Alumni Role – Related to RISD (just a few examples): educates their community about RISD, serves as a representative of RISD simply by being an alumni, talk about RISD, hire graduates of RISD, make amazing art and design, Portfolio Reviewers at Nat. Portfolio Day, guest lecturers, some become Alumni Council members, trustees, parents of future alumni, donate to RISD causes, create scholarships, creates/hosts RISD events, lead Chapter clubs, inspire others to join RISD community.

Did you know we have over 40 active chapter clubs and regional contacts all over the world!

RISD Alumni Role – Communities at large (just a few examples): Teaching, working at non-profit organization, spear-heading , supporting and coordinating charitable events, volunteering with education programs related to but not limited to visual/performing arts. Mentoring,  being active in various clubs, events and organizations across various spectrums (athletics, music, cultural, etc.). Supporting worldwide causes and educating others about those opportunities. Winning awards, fellowships, scholarships and being recognized by peers worldwide for their achievements in art and design.

Did you know RISD has had over 67 Fulbright scholarships awarded in the last 15 years! With one of every three RISD applicants winning back in 2010, Fulbright recognized RISD for being a more prolific producer of scholars than such other art schools as Cranbrook, MICA, Julliard and Pratt, among others.

Alumni presence on campus is important and it’s great for students to interact with alumni. RISD Alumni take part in many different parts of the community. One simple way, close to home (RISD), is helping welcome our students and families to RISD campus during Orientation week, RISD By Design, and Commencement. We have various alumni volunteers, greeting, passing out RISD swag, coordinating, hosting, and coming back for Reunions, throughout the year.  Alumni serve an important role of being part of the network to help recent graduates when they move to a new place, into a new job and lending some helpful advice, or by connecting them to future career opportunities.

Here’s a specific upcoming event, I’d like to mention. I have the great opportunity to support relief efforts in NJ and catch up with alumni friends. My dear freshmen roomie invited me to Small World Coffee Concert partnered with Rescue Our Shore’s concert event after my Philly recruitment travel. Our fellow classmate, Jacqui Alexander IL 2005  is coordinating the event with PrincetonScoop, where she currently works. If you are near or in the Princeton area, join us this Thursday, Nov. 15th, at 7:00pm, Small World Coffee,14 Witherspoon St and 254 Nassau Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08540,

Jacqui Alexander is the Director of Business Development at PrincetonScoop. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Jacqui made a career out of her two favorite activities: being creative, and talking to as many people as possible. These jobs included running a nonprofit art gallery, working for the marketing team at Whole Foods Market and coordinating art shows, fundraising events & pouring espresso at the busiest coffee shop in Central New Jersey, Small World Coffee. In 2011, she launched her own social media and marketing agency, Jacquilope. A lifelong Central NJ resident, Jacqui has fond childhood memories of riding along with her Grandfather while he surf fished off the beach in Island Beach State Park, and skipping school on the first warm day each spring to go to Belmar with her mother and sister.

One thought on “Helping Hands : RISD Alumni Impacting the Community

  1. Jen says:

    I’m AP 91, saw this post on the FB alumni page. Reposted your benefit to the Jersey Shore page I have. Hopefully it will draw some folk for you!

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