Support, Sponsor, Donate!

Happy 2013! It’s already an exciting start to a new year.

Our RI Chapter has the alumni exhibition RADIUS opening right around the corner, Jan. 31st. All submissions are due today, Jan.11th, by midnight. Another event, Some Day my Prints Will Come, is taking place on Feb. 13th to celebrate the month of love and to familiarize our alumni with printmaking, letterpress and the uber talented studio, Ladyfinger Letterpress ( Morgan Calderini ’07 PR and partner Arley-Rose Torsone). More details to come about that!

But I wanted to address a topic that always is asked, “How are we able to keep many of our events free/low cost and provide great things like raffles, tasty beverages, food and snacks?” Well, I’ll tell you-through great donations in-kind, sponsorships, partnerships with alumni and volunteerism. Yes, it’s really that easy. Actually, it takes a lot hard work, dedication and commitment. Below I’d like to take a moment to recognize all our vendors, sponsors and those companies who have generously donated to many of our events and help keep them free, our mouths fed and talking. If I’ve forgotten anyone or any company, please bring it to my attention ASAP!

Gansett Beer     Mohawk Papers     DWRI Letterpress     Keeseh Studio/Studio Dunn     Granny Squibb Ice Tea

Yacht Club Soda   Nice Slice Pizza     Jamestown Art Center   Ladyfinger Letterpress   Whole Foods Market

Anthropologie      Sugarush Cupcakes   Newport  Storm   AIGA RI Chapter    IDSA RI    They’re Using Tools

RISD Alumni Relations       Edible Arrangements/Cranston

Some pics of our generous donators!
Some pics of our generous donators!

The many individuals that take part in helping our chapter are generous and kind people, we are very thankful! So the next time you attend an event, please keep in mind all the hard work and dedication that goes into it!

We look forward to many more donations in-kind and fun events planned for this year, 2013! Support our local sponors:

Gansett Beer,
Mohawk Papers,
DWRI Letterpress,
Keeseh Studio/Studio Dunn,
Granny Squibb Ice Tea,
Yacht Club Soda,
Nice Slice Pizza
Jamestown Art Center,
Ladyfinger Letterpress,
Whole Foods Market,
Sugarush Truck,
AIGA RI Chapter,
They’re Using Tools,
RISD Alumni Relations,
Edible Arrangements/Cranston,


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