Life After Taxes: The Avery, Providence

Thank you to Melinda Rainsberger, ’04 FAV, and her company, They’re Using Tools for an amazing after work event! It was a great turnout of local alumni from various majors and careers.

She graciously filled our tummies with delicious pretzels from Foremost, and quenched our thirsts with tasty cocktails from the Avery. Melinda approached me with this idea to have casual meetups sponsored by an alumni/company¬† for alumni to come meet each other and hang out, with no actual agenda. It’s a great idea that many of alumni appreciate and it encourages all alumni to join in. Whether it was your first event, or tenth, you end up meeting a new face, making a new connection, and having some fun after a long day. We are already beginning to plan our next event, for June, so keep your eyes and ears open for that event.

We’d like to thank, The Avery, for being an awesome venue to hold our event. Great cocktails and decor.

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Thank you to Antonio Peters,’04 IL for taking pictures of our lovely event!

One other thing, I just had to blog about, our fellow alum, Brian Callanan ’84 IL, attended our event last night and shared that he brought along his RISD Student ID, circa 1980. He randomly found it, brought it just in case anyone asked him to provide “RISD ID”. It was AMAZING to see it and I had to document it!

See present day Brian with 1980’s Brian below!

Alum, Brian Callanan, with his original RISD Student ID crica 1980!!!!!!
Alum, Brian Callanan, with his original RISD Student ID crica 1980!!!!!!

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