Meet RISD at Lit Motors — Starting 2015 off right!

It just wouldn’t be like me or RISD Alumni Relations, to not have an event right off the bat in 2015.

So, of course, we did!

Along with RISD Admissions and 2009 Industrial Design alum, Danny Kim, we held a community event to welcome accepted Early Decision students and their families residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were very fortunate that Danny, Founder/CEO of Lit Motors generously invited us into his studio.

Our night was complete with a studio tour, engaging conversations, new friendships, and some delectable food. Danny provided an engaging presentation that detailed his path to RISD, what steps he took to get there, his design process and inspirations, which led to the start of his innovative company. He even gave us a sneak peek of his newest prototype AND we got to take it for a spin! #bestDemoEVER

Danny is a fine example of alumni giving back, with continuing their relationship with the RISD community after graduating and moving away from RI. Lit Motors has hired many students to intern. He told me he loves hiring them! They come to him with great energy and fervor to learn and they push boundaries. He continues to stay connected with faculty in both the Foundation and ID departments. Through his story and passion to support RISD learning, this event has as a lasting impact not only to the new students but all of us within the community. He speaks passionately about the creative risk taking, the critical thinking and making  and passion he found at RISD. He lives and breathes it everyday. This is a common thread in many of the alumni I meet and the students who choose RISD. We crave the world of discovery and desire to create the amazing.

It’s moments like these that I truly love. Our stories, our paths, and our memories become woven together to create the fabric of our RISD experience which enriches and further not just our own lives but those of others.

It’s 3AM Cali time and I had to blog about it! Check out the photos from tonight’e event!

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