Starting again : a moment to reflect

It’s that time of year again where I prepare to trek miles of high school hallways, talk and present non-stop about RISD, I review work, lots and lots of work. I shake the hands of hundreds of students, parents, teachers, alumni; people who love RISD, people who have never heard of us. It’s the time of year where I introduce myself more than any other time.

I’m hopping from one plane to the next, driving a new car every week, inputting addresses into GPS, sometimes to places I’ve never been, never seen, into worlds of people I have yet to meet but who are excited to meet me.

I’m eating my way through every town. Savoring moments in a place through sound or smell, a person’s voice, someone’s gesture, impression.

I’m pushing boundaries of what art and design can be for young impressionable adults who are preparing to start a new chapter in their lives. It’s thrilling, exciting and inspiring. It’s ever-changing and new with each place I discover. It’s an amazing job and a rewarding one. I am on the road from late September through January.

I am a road warrior.


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