Update on April 4, 2013

Hello, my name is Becky Fong, I am a RISD graduate, 2005 Graphic Design. In 5 years I lived in 5 cities, New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Atlanta, and Providence.

I am originally from Cranston, RI and moved back to the area after a whirlwind of travel, exploration and fun. While I traveled I volunteered my time to collaborate with RISD Alumni Relations to connect with the alumni in the areas I visited. I connected and met with alums in places like Hong Kong, St. John, USVI, Denver, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, just to name a few. I helped establish and create the Hawaii Alumni Chapter. ALOHA!

When I completed my travels, I returned back to RI,  became the RI Alumni Chapter Chair and helped re-energize the local community with events, exhibitions and opportunities. It was not without the help and dedication of a great set of alumni volunteers who make up our ever active planning committee! Prior to becoming RI Chair, I had been very active in the NYC and Boston chapters and led the DC/MD and Atlanta chapters.

I began working  as an Admissions Officer with RISD Admissions in September 2011, full time in January 2012. This job is wonderful and with its required recruitment travel schedule I was able to maintain new found friendships from my previous travels and create new ones with alumni in the new areas I set off to. I continue my graphic design expertise on a freelance basis and have been busy with some small print, signage, and non-profit projects.

Here in RI, our chapter accomplishes great things! As a main coordinator for this chapter I am extremely proud and happy to share these examples:

We proposed and successfully completed 4 alumni exhibitions, 2 of which were juried: VICINITY, The Locals, STATEWIDE, and RADIUS. We have more in the making…

We collaborate with large companies like Anthropologie and smaller ones like Ladyfingers Letterpress, organizations like IDSA RI, and AIGA RI.

We volunteer and participate at RISD MLK Service Day at Mt. Hope Learning Center, RISD Thanksgiving donation with Amos House, RISD Orientation, and the Alumni Sales.

We foster and build local relationships with various vendors to help sponsor our events, to keep them affordable and free as often as possible.

Thank you to the RISD community!



March 2, 2011


My name is Becky Fong, I am a RISD graduate, 2005 Graphic Design.

I recently left my job as a consultant and designer in Atlanta, GA and moved all my stuff back to my hometown of Cranston, RI. This will be my home base for now, as I travel across the US. I am taking some time to figure out my next steps and while doing so I am volunteering my time in collaboration with RISD Alumni Relations to connect with alumni in the areas I visit.

I’d like to talk with alumni in informal settings to gauge their feelings about RISD, the level of connectedness they feel to the school and the alumni association and whether or not they are happy with that – or do they wish for more, and if so, what they would like to hear/see/know/do and any ideas for how to accomplish that.

I look forward to feedback and meeting the faces of RISD’s alumni community!

Happy Travels!


2 thoughts on “About Becky Fong

  1. jvizzacco says:

    Hi Becky,

    Im pretty sure we’ve met at some point but I wanted to say hello again. I saw a recent risd alumni show ad ‘ the locals’ and was wondering if I could be put on a mailing list or something to possibly be apart of the next show. I too was a graphic design major ’09 and live in Cranston! I have a stationery line which I sell at shows and also do vector illustration but have never showed it.



    if you have a physical mailing list; her is my address:

    Joshua Vizzacco
    30 Poppy Drive
    Cranston, ri 02920

    1. whereisbeckyfong says:

      Hi Josh,

      I bet you’re right and we have met. I just checked out Joshua Graham Stationary, and the work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, and I will get your email on RISD RI Alumni group, please also subscribe to our Facebook page.
      Thank you,

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