Ever realize how easy it is to bump into someone from RISD, or overhear something about RISD, or come to find out that thing you saw in a store window was designed by a RISD alum?

Maybe it depends on where you live and what stones you unturn, but one common thread I have found is that the RISD connection makes it feel like a small world. Among the recent alumni I have come to meet, it’s not rare to hear that someone came across a job opportunity, or attended a lecture or simply saw in a magazine a RISD reference. Commonly, in President John Maeda’s speeches he has emphasized the saying, “Say RISD. Hire RISD. Give RISD”. My understanding of this is to continue to grow RISD beyond its physical bounds and to continue the strength of our talent. Below I am compiling links to companies that have current RISD alumni, and/or recent RISD related websites and notables that I come across. If you have any you’d like to add or make me aware of, please feel free to email me: becky.fong05@gmail.com.

Check out these links:

Gansett Beer, http://www.narragansettbeer.com/
Mohawk Papers, http://www.mohawkconnects.com/
DWRI Letterpress, http://www.dwriletterpress.net/
Keeseh Studio/Studio Dunn, http://www.keeseh.com/
Granny Squibb Ice Tea, http://www.grannysquibb.com/
Yacht Club Soda, http://www.yachtclubsoda.com/
Nice Slice Pizza  http://www.niceslice.com/
Jamestown Art Center, http://www.jamestownartcenter.org/
Ladyfinger Letterpress, http://www.ladyfingersletterpress.com/
Whole Foods Market, http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/
Anthropologie, http://www.anthropologie.com
Sugarush Truck, http://www.sugarushtruck.com
NewportStorm, http://www.newportstorm.com
AIGA RI Chapter, http://rhodeisland.aiga.org/
IDSA RI, http://www.idsa.org/RhodeIsland
They’re Using Tools, http://theyreusingtools.com/
RISD Alumni Relations, http://www.risd.edu/Alumni
Edible Arrangements/Cranston, http://www.ediblearrangements.com/

RISD in the Media
Airbed & Breakfast
Fire Studio
Tro Jung Brennan
Davis Square Architects
Colors in Motion
Minnie Beasleys Cookies
Inclusion By Design


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